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Craftsmen since 1970

Losas de barro artesanasRustic Lobillo Brothers is a family business dedicated to crafting all kinds of clay tiles and rustic bricks. We can find its beginnings in 1970, after two generations of effort and dedication, it has remained in the manufacture of clay tiles with the traditional method, giving priority to quality and product presentation.

The handmade character offering their Lobillo Brothers Rustic terracotta flooring makes the finished product is much better in every way. Among them the power of air. The air conditioning of the house obtained through earthenware tiles or rustic bricks are not comparable to any machining material.

We have a wide variety of formats clay tiles to offer our customers a greater choice of options. Over the years they have been introducing new techniques for mixing raw materials, although the manufacture of tiles and rustic brick remains completely handmade. Thus, our clay tiles have higher quality, so that our craft pieces acquire considerable resistance.



We try earthenware tiles and manage transportation

Rustic Lobillo, besides making clay soils, we also applied waterproofing treatments for different clay tiles in the same factory, rustic materials dispatched throughout Spain with no minimum order and advise you in decorating the home garden, terraces, etc ...



Anyone who visits the client factory just ask.

We have a fully equipped facilities to ensure our customers maximum satisfaction with our rustic materials. With our wood oven and our craftsmen mud, our materials have the distinctive rustic feel and the toning that makes it stand apart from industrial materials, and manage the design and provide heat for the comfort of our homes.