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Losas de barro artesanales Rustic Lobillo Brothers is a company dedicated to the manufacture of completelyhandmade rustic materials. These materials are rustic tiles, rustic brick and a variety of different clay soils. These clay soils are handmadebaked in ovens Arab natural wood and biomass, made from natural mud, earth and water.

Artisans mud

Losas de barro artesanalesOur craftsmen molded terracotta tile one by one, as the manual clay becomes a way of communicating thoughts giving beauty, form and life. This handmade nature makes him a distinguished material required by many for their spaces . Por ser no sólo resistente y de high quality, but also beautiful and suitable for any space. Choose authentic material for your home.

Warmth and durability

Losas de barro artesanales Qualities that also meet the rustic slabs, getting not only rural areas but decorate any space you want. The rustic tiles are also durable and resistant, the best option to get a custom decoration and traditional, while modern and especially warm.

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Rustic Brothers Lobillo S. C. has marked the C.E. of its products, after testing several tests.
These tests have their technical specifications that they can provide any customer who wants it; just contact us.

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In Rustic Lobillo Brothers SC, we have a strong commitment to the environment. Therefore, we have tested and environmental measurements, the results can be observed by clicking the following link:

Results of measurement

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Desde el proceso inicial hasta el resultado final

Hermanos Rústicos Lobillo renueva la información de su Web, su catálogo y los archivos y documentación de cara al cliente final Desde el proceso inicial hasta el resultado final Con la llegada del verano y la revisión de la documentación, nos introducimos en algunos aspectos del...

The rustic slabs, besides being handmade are beautiful, durable and resistant!