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In all these photographs that are works with our materials, you can see the amounts of clay tiles that can be manufactured. All pieces are made by hand, one by one, and cooked in our wood oven at a temperature of approximately 1000 degrees, so tones, detoning and dimensions are approximate due to the nature of their development . You can also see how the waterproofing treatments applied at the factory to deliver customer treated clay soils. In muddy pavements outside we must apply some kind of repellent treatment to keep it in perfect condition.

We send your order with no minimum quantity to any part of Spain and Europe.

Clay tiles in 40 cm interior waterproofing treatments.


Handmade clay tiles 40x40 cm, creating a rustic atmosphere and giving a touch of class, these rustic tiles are usually put in homes, especially large rooms. They have a waterproofing treatment applied in our factory.

40cm clay tiles outdoors.


Floors made of rustic tiles 40x40 cm natural clay, excellent for large terraces and pools. All clay tile exterior is advisable apply a waterproofing product.

Baldosas de barro de 40cm tratadas en terrazas.


Our rustic tile 40x40 cm with indoor treatment also usually put on decks, porches and patios. Although it is a treatment of internal supports placed outdoors.

Slabs with treatment rustic modern decor.


These pavements are composed of clay craft tiles 30x30 cm treatments, placed in homes and creating a distinctive and particular environment. It is the format used by most customers for home interiors.

Losas rústicas tratadas de 14x28cm.


These clay slabs can be used in many functions. In this photo you are put in a staircase linking the manual clay with wood. The treatment is applied is the factory for us.

Clay slabs 10x10 cm sunset sockets.


In these pictures we can see a base of clay tiles 10x10 cm in a house, put in a hall decorated with friezes of enamelled in green and red with you other termination borders. All these materials are handcrafted tiles and can be made with different color combinations.

Clay tiles placed in kitchens.


Our clay tiles can be placed either in the kitchen or elsewhere for a home. To place clay tile in the kitchen should be treated with waterproofing products for your protection. For our product than is necessary to apply one of similar qualities.

Terracotta tiles placed in bathrooms.


Our rustic tiles placed in bathroom while creating a good decoration serve as slip tiles do not slip, even with treatments applied.

Manufacture of clay tiles.


All our products are made by hand one by one, like handling for both collection and for packaging. After processing are allowed to stand on the shelves about 3 or 4 weeks depending on the weather.

Glazed rustic tiles with stars.


These terracotta tiles stars put in a bathroom create a special, stylish and personalized rustic atmosphere. These types of clay soils usually use much on carpets in great halls. The clay tiles are treated with waterproofing treatment products.

Mud Floor 24x24 cm.


Soil composed of rustic clay tiles 24x24 cm, shuttles and stars. In these pictures you can see the format glazed and unglazed stars. This format is often used in central decorations in rooms or entries. Glazed stars can choose the color that the customer likes.

Slip tiles placed in pools with ridges and brick steps.


These terracotta tiles are used in swimming pools, as they are non-slip tiles. In these pictures have a pool with all the steps rim decorated in rustic brick balustrade and mud slab floors 40x40 cm. In another picture we have rim made of hand paving bricks and clay tile 30x30 cm.

Terracotta tiles in natural format ladder rungs.


Stair treads made by our manual mud of a measure 30x35 cm including the rim, these steps are set to natural, though still treated matching slip tiles.

Manual Steps treated clay positions windows.


In these pictures we can see other features of the steps put in the windows and countertops in kitchens. This rustic tile is very grateful that embellishes much where it is placed.

Rustic tiles 30x30 cm natural outdoors.


The clay tiles of 30x30 cm is the commercial because of its extent Being neither too large nor too small is the most chosen by customers. We can see a mud floor tile 30x30 cm natural in a courtyard with a central design. In another picture we see a large terrace formed by rustic tile 30x30 cm natural.

Packaging of the tiles and clay bricks manual.


As seen in the photo and the videos on the web appear , all our products have a huge handling , packaging of all our rustic brick and tile clay is manually done so in the pallet can vary the amounts , according to the production process .

Rustic brick exterior.


The rustic brick provide flexibility in design, combining power from the wide variety that often exists, manual clay bricks achieve good insulation, so they work as a natural thermal regulator . On the other hand, are also a fire resistant material and adverse climatic effects, such as the snow. Just check so maintenance is minimal and cleaning practically quite easy.

Socket bricks laid manuals.


These manuals are also very nice brick posts socket as you can see in these pictures. One is a cafe and one of the bar of a restaurant.

Rustic brick floor positions.


Pavements with hand made clay bricks are placed both decoration and for when you want to put a mud floor with much resistance.

Clay tiles 40x40 cm placed in a Hotel.


Our terracotta tiles are placed in many hotels and restaurants. In these pictures we can see rustic tiles 40x40 cm treated indoors, where they have a huge customer traffic and visitors to the hotel.

Clay tiles 30x30 cm commissioning restaurant.


As in hotels clay tiles are also placed in many restaurants remain a guarantee for the amount of customers that pass within the year.

Platelet coating of clay tiles of 25x4x1.5cm.


We manufacture both clay pieces large and small. These clay tiles are used to cover the walls, getting a particular assortment decor featuring different designs both rustic and modern. In this picture we can see two homes with earthenware tiles of platelets in their classrooms.