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In our catalog we have a variety of formats and designs to make your home or garden terraces in a wonderful place with clay tiles that will not only offer a warranty and quality that you install on the floor but also a rustic and authentic air that few materials can offer.

Even before seeing the samples, it might be interesting to know some advantages of this type of material as currently fashionable.

In addition to the visible qualities, rustic floors other advantages offered like are not always known by the client. For example, slabs of clay, the earth is safe , this means that unless the land has suffered some kind of pollution does not contain toxic elements whatsoever.

They are also perfect material for underfloor heating homes creating a climate that has nothing to do with other products. Thus is how we differ from industrial materials.

The price is also a factor to consider when buying clay tiles, as they usually have a lower price than the rest. Not to mention its resistance, which makes it even cheaper.

Todas estas ventajas are attached to such a beautiful character that makes them a fashion item, but never really lost popularity.